Unlocking the full potential of global trade finance through AI and the blockchain
What is Trade Finance?

Trade finance signifies financing for trade, and it concerns both domestic and international trade transactions. A trade transaction requires a seller of goods and services as well as a buyer.

Trade finance includes various lending intermediaries, the issuance of letters of credit, factoring, export credit and insurance. Companies involved with trade finance include importers and exporters, banks and financiers, insurers and export credit agencies, and service providers can facilitate these transactions by financing the trade.

The Problem

The problem is simple and is finally about to addressed by blockchain. Trade turns the world, this is known, but there are many pain points in the system. It is antiquated and still a manual driven system, with many inefficiencies such as human error, costs and interaction, invoice fraud, double entry, processing delays, paper ledgers, counterfeiting, trade finance costs from banks and FX, high insurance costs and as a result the lack of liquidity slowing global trade and costs in turn given to end users.

The Solution

The solution is to create a marketplace where financiers engage in transparent risk free investment and meet SME global businesses to make trade flow in a fraction of the time and cost, meaning letters of credit are eradicated and business can finally easily get purchase orders fulfilled and grow GDP. A trustless global trade economy.


The mission of Envoy is to disrupt current banking protocols for factoring and supply chain trade finance using blockchain and AI technology to create a frictionless system of global trade finance. Transactions with Envoy will be faster, more cost-effective and safer than ever before, eradicating letters of credit for SMEs globally and the difficulty, time and cost it takes to obtain them. The Envoy ecosystem will finally unlock the trillions of dollars worth of assets that are trapped within the finance system and bring new streams of liquidity via a marketplace of financiers and invoices using private ledger and finally enhancing a transparent world of global trade.

Why Envoy

Envoy is aligning itself with the best strategic and user case partners to enable private financial transactions but still enable a completely interoperable network that also allows transparency in off chain solutions within supply chain, logistics, big data making Envoy the complete one stop shop market place for financiers and businesses to help make the wheels of trade turn.

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Platform mean to you?
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Platform highlights
Interoperable platform that plugs into the ecosystem of global trade
Risk mechanism reduces fraud risk, insurance and compliance
Costs with real time graphical visibility and ENsure ratings system
Multiple point data curation
From ERP, banking financial supply chain, blockchain big data ledgers, KYC and credit data
ENgage interoperable integrations
For offchain and special security fund plugin for invoice statement. Prospective partnerships ENvidion Fund
Auto off-platform settlement
Using corda DLT financial private ledger for seamless immutable, frictionless settlements
B2B and P2B invoice funding
Graphical marketplace
Community ratings
Data risk and trade information exchange through platform
Trade finance managers specialist community team
Management e-Toro style marketplace to follow community managers and piers
AI autonomous auto trade
Based on specific invoice settlement requirements
our team
The platform will focus on bringing best-in-class disruptive trade finance managers and blockchain experts to help develop a creating cutting edge marketplace platform that will secure new funds
Andrew Liaw
Lee Tarone
Envoy Founder, CEO
Laith Marmash
Ong Jun Hao
Envoy Advisor
Leonard Tan
William Tebbit
Ray Webb
Advisor, Asset Manager
Andre Finn
Advisor, Risk Algorithm Specialist
Andrew George
Risk Algorithm Advisor
Sergey Valuy
Blockchain Developer
Sergey Kudriavtsev
Blockchain Engineer
Darya Chyhileichyk
Business Analyst
Vitali Yermakou
Chief Business Development Officer
Veranika Rymzha
Business Development Professional
Paul McGill
Ken Ginsburg
Advisor, Hedge fund
George Lindsell
Timo Trippler
Risk manager and VC fundraising advisor
Cooz Komei Tokita
James Mcdonald
Legal Advisor
Karnika Yashwant
Naviin Kapoor
Ray Webb
Trade Finance Team
Ico details
Blockchain Platform
Contract Type
Ticker Symbol
0.00065232 ETH
1 Ethereum
1,533 NVOY
Token name in full
Divisibility (decimal places)
Initial issue amount
Initial sell volume
60,000 ETH
6,000 ETH
15 Nov 2018
Private sale
Tier 1
1 Dec 2018
Private sale
Tier 2
15 Dec 2018
Private sale
Tier 2
1 Jan 2018
Private sale
Tier 3
15 Jan 2018
Public Sale
Tier 4
1 Feb 2018
Public Sale
Tier 5
Vision of envoy formed
Q4 2017
Team & strategic partners formed
Q1 2018
Smartum development team
Q2 2018
Smart contract dev
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Marketing campaign/events/seminars
Q3 2018
MVP Prototype
Q3 2018
Build strategic partners & user case partners
Q3 2018
TGE & Token issuance
Q4 2018
Exchange listing
Q1 2019
Platform/corda build
Q2 2019
Beta testing
Q3 2019
Platform launch
Q4 2019
Partnership Programme
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block chainlink
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